Social Justice

There is a problem with how many people address social issues. 

People say:
"Everyone is different. The fact that someone is different from you is no reason to disregard their interests."

But some of those same people imply:
"If you are not how I think you should be, you are bad and I hate you."

If it makes you angry when people disregard you for being different from them, you must understand why getting them to change is difficult. You are telling them the same thing that they are telling you:
"It’s not okay to be the way you are."

That’s okay. Your reasons may be more considerate, more thoughtful, more logical. But why should someone else believe that if all you do is hate them?

We cannot combat intolerance without refusing to tolerate it. But the world doesn’t need more hate, judgement, and alienation. The world needs more kindness, understanding, and cooperation.

If someone hurts you, don’t try to hurt them back. Try to understand them.